Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
by Gertrude Stein with 

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RADIOART broadcasts live from Gothenburg House of Literature

Monday November 22, 7 pm

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights

by Gertrude Stein

with The Rosehips

The Rosehips with Michele Collins, Anna Gustavsson and Georgia Wartel Collins examine the avantgarde novelist and playwright Gertrude Stein’s libretto Dr Faustus Lights the Lights from 1938. With voice, percussion, electronic sounds, double bass and Steins pioneering texts, they find clues and parallels to our contemporary world.


Michele Collins - vocals

Anna Gustavsson – percussion, syntheziser, vocals

Georgia Wartel Collins – double bass


Music composition – Anna Gustavsson

Concept and musical arrangements

– The Rosehips

Producer, director – Johan Petri

Sound consultant – Niklas Billström

Produced by RADIOART

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“I do not care anything but to live well and go to hell.” Gertrude Stein

READ OUR 2 Blogs

  •  an essay by Magnus Florins on Doctor Faustus and Gertrude Stein  

  • an interview with Michele Collins och Anna Gustavsson.   

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Jenny Tunedal introduce the performace
00:00 / 24:38
A talk with the artists
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Sara Mannheimer_edited.jpg

In 2022, Radioat is looking to present a play by the award-winning author Sara Mannheimer. A newly written drama in verse, where we meet two women - they are both sisters and friends - bound together but also in conflict.

A concentrated drama about loss, search and escape.

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Announcement from the Worker's Educational Association

A newly written radio drama by John Swedenmark and Susanne Skog. A composition for many voices and based on different texts taken from a 1922 publication by the Worker's Educational Association in Sweden will have its premiere in 2022.




Poetry and Music. A performance by the poet David Vikgren and the composer Helena Persson based on the book Materialvägensägen by Vikgren.

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Photograph of opera soprano Nellie Melba making a broadcast over the Marconi Chelmsford Works radio station in England on 15 June 1920.

RADIOARTis a digital stage for Swedish and international radio drama, sound theater and audio art. It provides a platform for newly written and composed works as well as interpretations of classic drama, creates a forum for voices of poetry and politics and allows for genuine experimentation in the world of sound.

RADIOART is run by a group of artists with diverse professional experience in theater, music, art and literature. Some of us work with large established theatres, others with independent groups, in music and art, both in Sweden and internationally. The reason why we are involved in this project is that radio is still a completely open, democratic, free, dynamic, intense and endlessly experimental means of expression. Its effects are direct, and it emerges out of the very lack of the physical. Without images, actors’ movements, space and colour, it is the listener's own body that comes into focus – this is where it takes form!



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Mats Björn  
Elisabeth Bredberg   William Easton 
Magnus Florin  
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Johan Petri   
Tora von Platen   
Sten Sandell   
Susanne Skog

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