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Red Doc>

A radiophonic staging of 

Anne Carson's prose poem Red Doc>

for seven actors and five musicians.

Performed in Swedish, translation Mara Lee.

In Swedish: A talk with translator Mara Lee and Magnus Florin
00:00 / 33:03

Red Doc> is a lyrical road trip that meanders north through a frozen landscape of meadows, glaciers, volcanic terrain and a psychiatric clinic. Time passes, bodies and thoughts change, all that remains is sadness and a longing for love. The book is a sequel to Autobiography of Red, which introduced Anne Carson to Swedish readers. It tells the story of the young boy Geryon and his unfortunate passion for the beautiful, treacherous Heracles. In Red doc> the two meet again, years later – now as G and Sad. When the end comes, they are at G’s mother’s deathbed. “He turns away. This roaring air in his arms.”


Monica Stenbeck        Peter Söderberg  

Malin Alm                   Boa Pettersson 

Eli Frankel                   Laura Stephenson 

Tobias Aspelin             Walter McTigert 

Malou Zilliacus             Ivo Nilsson

Emil Brulin   

Richard Sseruwagi           


Translation by Mara Lee
Music by Ivo Nilsson and Niklas Billström

Director Johan Petri
Dramaturgy Magnus Florin

Costume design Filippa Hanzon

Sound design Niklas Billström

Sound technician Jesper Målsten

Assistant director Milton Jordansson Pinto

Production assistent Suzi Ersahin

The performance Red Doc> opened at Accelerator on February 3

The performance is part of the exhibition Mother Courage and her Children

presented at Accelerator between September 24, 2022, and Februari 12, 2023.

Photo Anne Carson © Einar Falur Ingolfsson


The production is made possible by grants/support from Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, Fylkingen, EMS and Accelerator

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