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Oktober  2021 I en ljudande tillblivelse

A Resonance Becoming

by Sten Sandell

A video work by Sten Sandell based on August Strindberg's text New Art Forms! or Chance in artistic creation.

Participating actors/musicians
Anna Gustavsson 

Helena Persson

Sten Sandell

Produced by RADIOART and premiered on the

16 of October

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Ett samtal om föreställningen med Magnus Florin, Ulf Olsson och Sten Sandell
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Augusti  2021 Vad är vatten och vad svart

What is water and what is black


The pianist Kristine Scholz meets the poet Helga Krook


Krook reads from her collection of poems

Flod  Blad  Klänningar

Kristine Scholz plays music by Peter Hansen,

Hans Otte and John Cage


Introduction by the author and dramaturge

Magnus Florin


The performance is a co-production between Söderköping's poetry festival and RADIOART

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Kristine Scholz
What is water what is black - Listen here!
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Maj 2021 Väntans Svit


A Waiting

by Birgitta Lillpers and Lars Sandberg

Premiere May 9, 8 pm


Since her debut in 1982, Birgitta Lillpers has been regarded as one of the most prominent and influential Swedish poets. 


She has received a number of literary prizes and in 2021 

she got The Swedish Radio Poetry Prize.

In this performance, her own reading is interwoven with 

specially composed music by Lars Sandberg,

performed by viola player Henrik Frendin.



Birgitta Lillpers – voice

Henrik Frendin – viola

Introduction to the performance by Magnus Florin.


The performance will be followed by a talk between the poets Helga Krook and Jenny Tunedal, moderated by Magnus Florin.


The original text comes from the book Propolis, Wahlström & Widstrand 1995

Music composed 1999 by Lars Sandberg

Produced by Johan Petri, Niklas Billström and Magnus Jacobsson


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Photo: Cato Lein

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Väntans Svit
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Feb 2021 Glasmolnet



What happens to an airplane that flies through a cloud of ash? The metal is blasted, the windows scratched to a milky film, the engine becomes encapsulated in black glass. It sounds like a piece made by the artist Anselm Kieffer. A teetering between different scales, different worlds, different kinds of matter. The particles from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, in April 2010, consisted of extremely small razor-sharp grains of glass. Small, small particles of glass. When subjected to an experiment that resembled the same erosive, atmospheric conditions after the volcanic eruption, it was discovered after two weeks of uninterrupted friction, that the particles had not changed at all: they were just as sharp as before.


Susanne Skog’s radio play The Glass Cloud circumnavigates the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Voices rise and fall, anecdotes and news reports merge with precise descriptions of lava, magma and ash. Here, an ancient Nature beyond our control, and a young earth where everything is suddenly still in motion, collides with the hyper-modern society and our human vulnerability. Words like glass, ash, lava, clouds, glacier, rise out of the collision and are reborn into a violent and poetic power. The continental plates move at the same speed as a person’s fingernails grow.

— Helga Krook

THE GLASS CLOUD  is a radio drama that evolves around the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull in April 2010. The incident caused a never beheld interruption in global airline traffic, and the implications on different levels around the world were huge. In the piece, various types of sound and documentary material are interwoven with voices, which together create a sound poetry that illuminates the predicament of our civilization.  


Lyssna till ett samtal om föreställningen med Susanne Skog, John Swedenmark, Maria Küchen & Magnus Florin.

Saturday February 6, 8pm

Introduction by dramaturge

Magnus Florin. 


Magnus Berg

Erika Höghede

Cecilia Garme

Magnus Jacobsson 

Susanne Skog


George Kentros

text, sound composition and production

Susanne Skog

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Produced with support from

A multi-channel version of The Glass Cloud was premiered during Audiorama's radio play biennial Dramaton, Gothenburg, October 2020

The artist Susanne Skog

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Nov 2020  Jag tänker valdsamt (I Think Fiercely)


i Think fiercely 


I THINK FIERCELY is based on the American poet Alice Notley's poetry collection Certain Magical Acts from 2016 translated by Marie Silkeberg.


Actor Chatarina Larsson, and musicians Sten Sandell and Peter Söderberg


director: Johan Petri

music: Sten Sandell and Peter Söderberg

sound design: Niklas Billström

introduction: Magnus Florin

Jag tänker våldsamt (I Think Fiercely)
00:00 / 40:30