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December 2022     Folkbildningsoperan     John Swedenmark och Susanne Skog

sidan 1 Meddelande från Arbetarnas Bildningsförbunds Stockholmsavdelning 1922_edited.jpg


Folkbildningsoperan is a text-sound 

composition  based on …… text in english

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Opening at


listen to it at






Per Almgren, Cornelia Andersson, Lars Andersson, Elnaz Baghlanian, Magnus Berg, Christofer Bocker, Kjersti Bosdotter, Emil Boss, Elisabeth Bredberg, Maja Bronner, Magnus Bunnskog, Helena Collert, Marie Dahlin, Sebastian Dahlqvist, Clara Diesen, Emil Ekberg, Göran Eriksson, Ingela Espmark, Magnus Florin, Maria Fritzell, Cecilia Garme, Marie Gavois, Peter Gustavsson, Tom Floyd Halvarsson, Lydia Halvarsson, Per Hasselberg, Joa Helgesson, Annika Heyman, Harald Hultqvist, Olov Hyllienmark, Elof Hellström, Anneli Jordahl, John Kinell, Åke Larsson, Ida Linde, Klara Lindgren, Kari Løvaas, Ida Lundén, Jonas Modig, Calle Nathanson, Ivo Nilsson, Hannah Ohlén Järvinen, Grethe Rottböll, Susanne Skog, Petra Skogh, Marianne Steinsaphir, John Swedenmark, Per Sörberg, Erik Tängerstad, Jenny Teleman, Karin Tengby, Lisa Ullén, Agneta Wallin, Petra Werner, Jenny Wrangborg


with support from the Swedish Arts Council and the Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation


A text by

John Swedenmark

 on the composition,

in Swedish.

Samtal med Sven-Eric Liedman
00:00 / 22:26
John Swedenmark och Susanne Skog presenterar vid premiären
00:00 / 06:05
Folkbildningsoperan Skog och Swedenmark
00:00 / 43:14
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Oktober 2022    Bryta bygd, röja väg, öppna berg      David Vikgren Helena Persson



Söderköping's Poetry Festival

Saturday October 15, 2.30 pm

Bryta bygd, röja väg, öppna berg!
 A text-sound composition by David Vikgren and Helena Persson  

”Bryta byggd, röja väg, öppna berg!” hovers over a landscape of soundart, poetry and experimental music where the voice and lyricism of the poet David Vikgren meets the sonic world of sound artist Helena Persson. 

Their mutual starting point - the book Materialvägensägen (Vikgren 2019) - will take them for a journey of space, non-space, industrialization and societal liquidation, where the sound piece gives voice to both lyrics and field recordings. The poetry, that through the book holds a strong character, here resigns from its superior position and opens up for a mutual understanding where voice, sounds and tonal world carries an equal role. Within this meeting unfolds an acoustic scenery of harmony and disharmony, frequencies and fluctuations.

david_vikgren_Foto Lina Ikse.jpg

David Vikgren                Photo Lina Ikse


Helena Persson             Photo Fredrik Bilén

Bryta bygd, röja väg, öppna berg
00:00 / 35:10
Vikgren Persson

September 2022    I lera och stål eller Hjortens vrede     Le Collectif Wow

Picture_Copyright Thomas Frost.jpg
 In September 
Radioart presents 

Of Mud and Steel - 

 beware the angry deer 

 by Florent Barat 
Le Collectif Wow!
Dans La Boue Et l'Acier Ou La Colère Du Cerf 
                                             Of Mud and Steel - beware the angry deer

Opening the 19 of September

Radioart is honoured to host the Belgian theatre company Le Collectif Wow! and their production Of Mud ans Steel – beware the angry deer.  The performance has gained international attention and critical acclaim and won first prize at the international radio drama festival Grand Prix Nova in Bucharest earlier this year. The play is written by Florent Barat and music and sound design by Sebastian Schmitz. The performance is in French but you can listen to it with English subtitles.

Dans La Boue Et l'Acier Ou La Colère Du Cerf
00:00 / 36:15

Listen with English subtitles

About the play


Peter is a construction worker, in his early thirties, living in the south of France. He has worked on construction sites 6 days a week for 15 years. He and Louise have been married for 2 years and have 2 young children. On Sundays, his only day off, he spends the day trying to build a peaceful and secure home for his family. It's the early 80s and Peter's life is about to change dramatically. At work, he will come up against the ever more liberal management strategies of his boss. At home, he is becoming increasingly jealous and possessive of his wife, who is growing bored with her monotonous life and dreams of adventure and new horizons. Of Mud and Steel - Beware the angry deer, tells the story of an imploding man and his exploding life.

Script – Florent Barat

Music and sound design – Sébastien Schmitz

Mixing - Michel Bystranowski

Direction – Florent Barat och Sébstien Schmitz


Émilie Praneuf (Louise)
Baptiste Toulemonde (Fernand / Chorus)

Arthur Oudar (Malik / Chorus)
Michele De Luca (Tito / Chorus)
Tom Barat (Alexandre)
Sébastien Schmitz (Chorus)
Florent Barat (Te Son / Peter / Chorus)


Florent Barat         Photo: Julien Hayard

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November  2021 Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights

RADIOART broadcasts live from Gothenburg House of Literature

Monday November 22, 7 pm

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights

by Gertrude Stein

with The Rosehips

The Rosehips with Michele Collins, Anna Gustavsson and Georgia Wartel Collins examine the avantgarde novelist and playwright Gertrude Stein’s libretto Dr Faustus Lights the Lights from 1938. With voice, percussion, electronic sounds, double bass and Steins pioneering texts, they find clues and parallels to our contemporary world.


Michele Collins - vocals

Anna Gustavsson – percussion, syntheziser, vocals

Georgia Wartel Collins – double bass


Music composition – Anna Gustavsson

Concept and musical arrangements

– The Rosehips

Producer, director – Johan Petri

Sound consultant – Niklas Billström

Produced by RADIOART

00:00 / 36:21
Jenny Tunedal introduce the performace
00:00 / 24:38
A talk with the artists
00:00 / 11:46
rosehips 3 ofus.jpg

“I do not care anything but to live well and go to hell.” Gertrude Stein

READ OUR 2 Blogs

  •  an essay by Magnus Florins on Doctor Faustus and Gertrude Stein  

  • an interview with Michele Collins och Anna Gustavsson.   

Gertrude Stein 1.png
Doctor Faustus

Oktober  2021 I en ljudande tillblivelse

A Resonance Becoming

by Sten Sandell

A video work by Sten Sandell based on August Strindberg's text New Art Forms! or Chance in artistic creation.

Participating actors/musicians
Anna Gustavsson 

Helena Persson

Sten Sandell

Produced by RADIOART and premiered on the

16 of October

Sten Sandell_edited.jpg
Ett samtal om föreställningen med Magnus Florin, Ulf Olsson och Sten Sandell
00:00 / 32:04
I en ljudande

Augusti  2021 Vad är vatten och vad svart

What is water and what is black


The pianist Kristine Scholz meets the poet Helga Krook


Krook reads from her collection of poems

Flod  Blad  Klänningar

Kristine Scholz plays music by Peter Hansen,

Hans Otte and John Cage


Introduction by the author and dramaturge

Magnus Florin


The performance is a co-production between Söderköping's poetry festival and RADIOART

Bild Kristine.jpg

Kristine Scholz

What is water what is black - Listen here!
00:00 / 51:42
Krook Scholz

Maj 2021 Väntans Svit

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 A Waiting 

by Birgitta Lillpers and Lars Sandberg

Premiere May 9, 8 pm


Since her debut in 1982, Birgitta Lillpers has been regarded as one of the most prominent and influential Swedish poets. 


She has received a number of literary prizes and in 2021 

she got The Swedish Radio Poetry Prize.

In this performance, her own reading is interwoven with 

specially composed music by Lars Sandberg,

performed by viola player Henrik Frendin.



Birgitta Lillpers – voice

Henrik Frendin – viola

Introduction to the performance by Magnus Florin.


The performance will be followed by a talk between the poets Helga Krook and Jenny Tunedal, moderated by Magnus Florin.


The original text comes from the book Propolis, Wahlström & Widstrand 1995

Music composed 1999 by Lars Sandberg

Produced by Johan Petri, Niklas Billström and Magnus Jacobsson


lillpers foto Cato Lein.tif

Photo: Cato Lein

Väntans Svit
00:00 / 20:38
00:00 / 08:50
00:00 / 36:02

Februari 2021 Glasmolnet av Susanne Skog 



GLASMOLNET är ett hörspel som kretsar kring den isländska vulkanen Eyjafjallajökulls utbrott i april 2010. Händelsen orsakade ett tidigare aldrig skådat flygstopp som fick omfattande följder runt om i världen. Ljudmaterial av musikalisk och dokumentär art vävs samman med talade stämmor och formar hörseldiktning som belyser vår civilisations belägenhet. 

4. Eyjafjallajökull_Glacier_Volcano.jpg


What happens to an airplane that flies through a cloud of ash? The metal is blasted, the windows scratched to a milky film, the engine becomes encapsulated in black glass. It sounds like a piece made by the artist Anselm Kieffer. A teetering between different scales, different worlds, different kinds of matter. The particles from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, in April 2010, consisted of extremely small razor-sharp grains of glass. Small, small particles of glass. When subjected to an experiment that resembled the same erosive, atmospheric conditions after the volcanic eruption, it was discovered after two weeks of uninterrupted friction, that the particles had not changed at all: they were just as sharp as before.


Susanne Skog’s radio play The Glass Cloud circumnavigates the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Voices rise and fall, anecdotes and news reports merge with precise descriptions of lava, magma and ash. Here, an ancient Nature beyond our control, and a young earth where everything is suddenly still in motion, collides with the hyper-modern society and our human vulnerability. Words like glass, ash, lava, clouds, glacier, rise out of the collision and are reborn into a violent and poetic power. The continental plates move at the same speed as a person’s fingernails grow.

— Helga Krook

00:00 / 43:22
00:00 / 31:24

Saturday February 6, 8pm

Introduction by dramaturge

Magnus Florin. 


Magnus Berg

Erika Höghede

Cecilia Garme

Magnus Jacobsson 

Susanne Skog


George Kentros

text, sound composition and production

Susanne Skog

Produced with support from

A multi-channel version of The Glass Cloud was premiered during Audiorama's radio play biennial Dramaton, Gothenburg, October 2020


The artist Susanne Skog

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Nov 2020  Jag tänker valdsamt (I Think Fiercely)

Anchor 1
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i Think fiercely 


I THINK FIERCELY is based on the American poet Alice Notley's poetry collection Certain Magical Acts from 2016 translated by Marie Silkeberg.


Actor Chatarina Larsson, and musicians Sten Sandell and Peter Söderberg


director: Johan Petri

music: Sten Sandell and Peter Söderberg

sound design: Niklas Billström

introduction: Magnus Florin

Intervju med

Alice Notley

 av Magnus Florin

Jag tänker våldsamt (I Think Fiercely)
00:00 / 40:30
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