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Radioart i samarbete med Accelerator 

RED DOC> av Anne Carson

Våren 2023

March 7, 2023                  
                                                                                        FOLKBILDNINGSOPERAN          Göteborgs        SUSANNE SKOG and JOHN SWEDENMAR



Photograph of opera soprano Nellie Melba making a broadcast over the Marconi Chelmsford Works radio station in England on 15 June 1920.

RADIOARTis a digital stage for Swedish and international radio drama, sound theater and audio art. It provides a platform for newly written and composed works as well as interpretations of classic drama, creates a forum for voices of poetry and politics and allows for genuine experimentation in the world of sound.

RADIOART is run by a group of artists with diverse professional experience in theater, music, art and literature. Some of us work with large established theatres, others with independent groups, in music and art, both in Sweden and internationally. The reason why we are involved in this project is that radio is still a completely open, democratic, free, dynamic, intense and endlessly experimental means of expression. Its effects are direct, and it emerges out of the very lack of the physical. Without images, actors’ movements, space and colour, it is the listener's own body that comes into focus – this is where it takes form!

När du lyssnar, swisha 50 kr till 123 289 3691

Allt stöd, stort eller smått, är viktigt för RADIOARTs verksamhet.

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