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about the name change

Radioteatern Is Dead. Long Live Radioteatern!


Our theatre opened in the fall 2020, with the name of Radioteatern.

A name we like very much, and one that in its broadest sense tells what we want to give our audience: radio theatre and sound art. Radioteatern has now been forced to change its name. Our direction – in terms of content and quality – will continue, with the same ambitions, under the name RADIOART.

This change of name results from pressure and threats of legal action by Peter O. Nilsson of the Swedish Radio. Nilsson claims that Sveriges Radio, which during 1929-2016 had a theatre-producing editorial office called Radioteatern, is entitled to the name, even though the name was officially changed in 2016. Their argument is legally doubtful.


The name Radioteatern is not registered as a trademark. In that sense, no one – including Sveriges Radio - has a right to this name. It should be mentioned that Swedish Radio 2005 received a rejection by the PBV (Patent Court of Appeal) on its appeal against PRV’s decision to reject their application for trademark registration of the name Barnradion (see attached judgement, Lagrum:13 __ of the Trademarks Act (1960:644). PRV’s rejection was made in reference to the fact that children’s radio - children’s radio as a specific form – lacks distinctiveness. It can include all radio programs with children as a target group, made and broadcast by anyone. In this respect, the same should apply to radio theatre, as a name denoting a media-specific art form.


Link to court decision:


Länk till Patent och registreringsverket, riktlinjer:

Also relevant: Swedish-speaking Finnish YLE’s ongoing Radioteatern activities Radioteatern


Due to the previous ruling against Sveriges Radio and the existence of the Finnish Radioteatern, our theatre has considered responding to the threats and bullying of the Swedish Radio in a legal process. But our independently-run theatre has few resources, and regardless of the outcome of a legal trial, it could prove to be too resource intensive. We would much rather devote ourselves to our newly started artistic endeavour, than to expend time competing with the ‘almighty’ Sveriges Radio.  


The domain will continue to belong to our theatre and connected to our new site and name.

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