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 In September 
Radioart presents 

Of Mud and Steel - 

 beware the angry deer 

 by Florent Barat 
Le Collectif Wow!
Dans La Boue Et l'Acier Ou La Colère Du Cerf 
                                             Of Mud and Steel - beware the angry deer

Opening the 19 of September

Radioart is honoured to host the Belgian theatre company Le Collectif Wow! and their production Of Mud ans Steel – beware the angry deer.  The performance has gained international attention and critical acclaim and won first prize at the international radio drama festival Grand Prix Nova in Bucharest earlier this year. The play is written by Florent Barat and music and sound design by Sebastian Schmitz. The performance is in French but you can listen to it with English subtitles.

Dans La Boue Et l'Acier Ou La Colère Du Cerf
00:00 / 36:15

Listen with English subtitles

About the play


Peter is a construction worker, in his early thirties, living in the south of France. He has worked on construction sites 6 days a week for 15 years. He and Louise have been married for 2 years and have 2 young children. On Sundays, his only day off, he spends the day trying to build a peaceful and secure home for his family. It's the early 80s and Peter's life is about to change dramatically. At work, he will come up against the ever more liberal management strategies of his boss. At home, he is becoming increasingly jealous and possessive of his wife, who is growing bored with her monotonous life and dreams of adventure and new horizons. Of Mud and Steel - Beware the angry deer, tells the story of an imploding man and his exploding life.

Script – Florent Barat

Music and sound design – Sébastien Schmitz

Mixing - Michel Bystranowski

Direction – Florent Barat och Sébstien Schmitz


Émilie Praneuf (Louise)
Baptiste Toulemonde (Fernand / Chorus)

Arthur Oudar (Malik / Chorus)
Michele De Luca (Tito / Chorus)
Tom Barat (Alexandre)
Sébastien Schmitz (Chorus)
Florent Barat (Te Son / Peter / Chorus)


Florent Barat         Photo: Julien Hayard

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