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guest appearance from Switzerland  

This summer, the artist duo blablabor is making a guest appearance on Radioart's digital stage with a series of short audio pieces compiled in three groups that will be presented during June, July and August.


blablabor was founded in 2000 by Annette Schmucki and Reto Friedmann, who since then have created a large variety of audio plays and performance works in which Radio and Language are in focus, both as theme and material. In their often multilingual, musically structured audio plays, they examine the role of radio in contemporary society, its communicative ability, and how radio as a medium relates to a changing world. The language they use is playful, finding its way along new paths, crossing the boundaries of words and of language itself, and trying out new possibilities and connections. The audio pieces published by Radioart this summer have been grouped into three different "islands" that highlight different sides of blablabor's artistry. Introductory texts for each group of pieces will be published on our blogg in connection with each premiere.

Annette Schmucki och Reto Friedmann

Three performances will be presented. 
The first opening on the 25th of June.
Welcome to Radioart and the world of blablabor!

READ an essay by Milton Jordansson Pintos about blablabor and their sound art. 

Den första ön 

           beim namen genannt:
Att kallas vid namn. Att benämna. Verbet heiße som en gräns: på ena sidan det obenämnda, på andra sidan det benämnda. Vi befinner oss i en trädgård, bland växter och trädgårdsredskap, vi befinner oss i ett språk, bland orden,
i grammatiken.


        geht in ordnung:

Allt är i sin ordning. Orden ordnar sig, radar upp sig i led, byter skepnad sinsemellan. En rörelse, en böjningslek som korsar språk, en puls. Ordning, organisera, ordinär. En väg genom ordet.


         und es war gut:

Och det var gott. Det uttalade språket som ett tillstånd. Vi är tillbaka i trädgården, språket är upprättat. Enkelheten, vardagen. Mångsidigheten, musiken. En möjlig överensstämmelse mellan språket, musiken, världen.


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